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The Luce Family!

I had the pleasure to work with the Luce Family for their holiday photos later in December.  The evening prior also included a proposal for their daughter Megan, so this morning was even more special!  Together this clan is sweet, fun, Godly, and a blast to work with…  I know

Hernandez Family Christmas Shoot!!!

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the Santa Maria area to work with a lovely family.  Hard working, engaged with the worship ministry at their church, and raising the most adorable little girl ever, Isla.  What a privilege to photograph this awesome trio!!!  Outstanding!!!  

The Gunn Boys!

What a complete blast shooting with these young men!  Their grandmother hired me to provide shots of these guys for a surprise present for their mom!  You can only imagine what a complete hoot this shoot was!!!  So fun!

Senior Photographs

I always enjoy photographing special moments and times in peoples lives…like graduating from highs school!!!  This great young man came to meet me for photographs within hours of walking across the stage to receive his high school diploma!  What a great day!!!

So Cute!!!

This is Ryder…  He is one of the cutest babies ever…yes…ever!!!  Really…just look at the adorable face!!!  That is his best friend too…Mr. Eko.  It’s pretty amazing to see how much that dog loves Ryder…and Ryder loves that dog.  Sweeter than you can imagine!  That’s Ryder’s mom Alyssa too…  She’s

Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s day just past and I did this shot using my wife’s rings and my wedding band.  I am a very lucky and blessed guy to be married to this woman…  Whether it is Valentine’s day or any day, I am thankful and know God put me together with the

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