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Harvey house sunset shoot

I was super excited for this shoot…not just because it was a chance to escape the pandemic for a few hours, but also because I had the privilege to shoot with our daughter. It was a lovely day in the high desert of Southern California and the sunset at the

Lupe and Merisa!!!

Could this family be any more amazing!!!  They are fun…kind…super smart…and absolutely lovely!!!  So fun to shoot with Lupe and her daughter!  I’m thankful for the opportunity each and every time!!!  Outstanding!!! Hashtag #AwesomeSauce

Tran Family Photos!

I had the true joy of shooting for the Tran Clan recently at Capo Beach in South Orange County.  It was one of those mornings where not one of the little ones was having anything to do with a photo session…but we pressed on in the name of capturing family

Cutie Patooties!!!

Recently I had the privilege of working with several little ones and their moms.  What a great evening and I had such a great time shooting with them.  They were troopers…fun…and adorable to be sure!!!  Enjoy!!!

Maternity Shoot – Round 2!!!

Several years ago, I was so thankful to photograph Susy and Carlos before and after the birth of their sweet daughter Savannah…  Last week, I was privileged to rejoin them before the birth of their second child (this time rumor has it that a little boy is on the way)!

Three Generations of Truly Awesome Women…

These three are story tellers, a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, actresses, and more than anything…family.  Close knit and strong.  Lives filled with dynamic experiences, challenges, and moments of joy.  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph these three and capture their love and devotion to one another

Whitney and Hugo!!!

What a fun evening getting to work with Whitney and Hugo soon after their engagement!  They came in to be subjects for my class and I couldn’t help but grab a few shots too!!!  Wishing these two a wonderful and blessed life together!  Congratulations Whitney and Hugo!!!

Botello Family Fun

So much fun to chase two young guys around the location of our photo shoot!!!  But they were so photogenic!  Tiffany and Tasha were an absolute joy to work with and Tasha’s boys were so fun!  Could not be more thankful for this shoot and time with this family.  Outstanding!

The Luce Family!

I had the pleasure to work with the Luce Family for their holiday photos later in December.  The evening prior also included a proposal for their daughter Megan, so this morning was even more special!  Together this clan is sweet, fun, Godly, and a blast to work with…  I know

Hernandez Family Christmas Shoot!!!

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the Santa Maria area to work with a lovely family.  Hard working, engaged with the worship ministry at their church, and raising the most adorable little girl ever, Isla.  What a privilege to photograph this awesome trio!!!  Outstanding!!!  

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