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90 Proof Band Shoot!

While I am catching up on posting…I wanted to include shots from a local band that I worked with recently.  They are called 90 Proof and let’s just say…They ROCK!!!  So much energy and fun.  I had a great time getting to photograph them working live and enjoying and evening

Before and After!!! Sweet baby Savannah Arrived!!! November 2014

So much fun to work with a wonderful couple as they are just about to welcome a new family member into the world!!!  And then, barely a week later…WooHoo!!!  Baby Savannah was born!  So cool!!!  

Claremont Family Session!!! 29 November 2014

I had a blast with this giant sized family of all boys and one teenage girl!  The boys all wanted to play but dutifully came forward for their photographs and then ran off to have more fun!  What a blast!!!  Great fun at the Claremont Colleges!!!  

Rene and Maria’s New Home!

When Maria and Rene called and asked me to photograph the moments right after they received the key to their new home, I was both honored and excited!  What a cool opportunity to capture some of the happiest moments of this couple’s life.  Congratulations and Blessings Rene and Maria!!!  

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