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Krishna and Derek!

Our daughter Caitlin and I had at the opportunity to work with this great couple recently.  What an amazing wedding and such a wonderful couple to work with!  I so very much enjoy  photographing weddings and this event was no exception…colorful, fun, filled with love, lots of music, and everybody

Indian Wedding Fun!

Over the last several months, I have had the opportunity to work with another very talented photographer and friend, Christina Chico of Christina Chico Photography.  Christina asked me to help her shoot several Indian weddings which something completely new and exciting for me.  When I say that these were big,

Golden Gate

        I was so fortunate to catch the Golden Gate Bridge on a lovely day with the fog just starting to roll in from the coast.  Such a majestic and wonderful welcome to California for all those that sail beneath or drive across this span.  Outstanding!!!  

Miss Covina 2014!!!

This is the truly lovely Miss Covina 2014! She is a very dynamic, smart, and gifted young woman with an amazing future ahead of her. Looking forward to watching her compete for Miss California in June 2014! Outstanding!

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