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Aneliz Portrait Session!

This outing was my first opportunity to work with Aneliz! What a great time and Aneliz is so wonderful to shoot with! We worked inside and outside on location and created some really lovely images…Great fun!!! Can’t wait to work with Aneliz again!!

Natalya – So Fun!!!

Last Monday, I had three guests come to class to work with my students as subjects.  Natalya was among those three and was such fun to work with.  She came in a little unsure and a little timid…  By the end of the night, she was a seasoned professional!!!  Such

Cutie Patooties!!!

Recently I had the privilege of working with several little ones and their moms.  What a great evening and I had such a great time shooting with them.  They were troopers…fun…and adorable to be sure!!!  Enjoy!!!

Max and Keith

These young musicians arrived in LA to make their way in the music industry…  It’s a tough row to hoe…but they are both gifted and dedicated and focussed  Both are as nice as can be and just a complete blast to work with.  Looking forward to great things in their

Three Generations of Truly Awesome Women…

These three are story tellers, a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, actresses, and more than anything…family.  Close knit and strong.  Lives filled with dynamic experiences, challenges, and moments of joy.  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph these three and capture their love and devotion to one another

Whitney and Hugo!!!

What a fun evening getting to work with Whitney and Hugo soon after their engagement!  They came in to be subjects for my class and I couldn’t help but grab a few shots too!!!  Wishing these two a wonderful and blessed life together!  Congratulations Whitney and Hugo!!!

Valeria Studio Session

Always so thankful to get to work with Valeria Bautista…  She is lovely and talented and such a joy to partner with!  Love these shots!!! It has been a season of studio work for me recently which is such fun.  I enjoy it, love working with my Profoto B1x lights,

Botello Family Fun

So much fun to chase two young guys around the location of our photo shoot!!!  But they were so photogenic!  Tiffany and Tasha were an absolute joy to work with and Tasha’s boys were so fun!  Could not be more thankful for this shoot and time with this family.  Outstanding!

Ashley Rozatti Rocking Downtown Covina

I took my class out to Downtown Covina recently for a morning shoot to learn more about portrait photography in the environment, using locations where the lighting can be advantageous or conversely, working in poorly lit locations with harsh light.  Our subject for the morning Was Ashley Rozatti, another great

Lexie and Valeria – Outstanding!

This week, I had the opportunity to work with these two talented young women…Lexie and Valeria.  Lexie is a friend, youth worship leader, and gifted musician.  Valeria is a model and friend that I had the opportunity to work with several years back during a sunset beach shoot.  Lovely and

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