Newport Dawn Patrol

Recently, my photographer friend Bob Stiens and I ran down to The Wedge at Newport Beach for an early morning shoot.  I had checked surfline the night before and the prediction was for the entire coast to be flat…1 to 2 foot waves as far as the eye could see…but not at The Wedge.  A consistent 6 to 8 foot west swell was predicted and that means that The Wedge would be a great spot to shoot…  Off we went fortified with our SBux and the sun getting ready to peek over the horizon…  The predictions were right and The Wedge was “going off…”  It was a wonderful morning with surfers, great vistas, and dozens of reminders as to why we live here in Southern California.  Enjoy!!!
untitled shoot-080untitled shoot-145 untitled shoot-027 untitled shoot-107 untitled shoot-127-Edit untitled shoot-140 untitled shoot-159 untitled shoot-170

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