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Palm Springs Night Shoot

This time of year is a wonderful season to visit Palm Springs and capture incredible sunsets! I recently took my night and sunset class to one of my very favorite spots in Palm Springs to photograph the sunset and night vistas looking west through some of the local wind turbines.

Palm Springs Shoot With Des!!

We were rushing to get to this location before sunset and the wind was howling…but the scene playing out before us was spectacular and Des was an amazing partner for this shoot!  The area was completely devoid of other people and there was an amazing peace amidst all the wind

Three Generations of Truly Awesome Women…

These three are story tellers, a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, actresses, and more than anything…family.  Close knit and strong.  Lives filled with dynamic experiences, challenges, and moments of joy.  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph these three and capture their love and devotion to one another

The Road Less Traveled…

My friends probably all would say that I am most comfortable when I am, well, in the middle of nowhere!  The Robert Frost poem has special meaning for me as I agree with the concluding remark of Frost’s work…  “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made

Claremont Night Photography Show…

For the month of June, my night photography is featured at “The Colony” @ Loft 204 in the Claremont Packing House!  I was so completely humbled to be asked to show there and for my very first public outing, I was also excited to feature my night work.  I truly

Photographic Blessings at Zion National Park!

Recently I made a quick overnight trip to Zion National Park on the way to photograph the slot canyons in northern Arizona.  What a majestic and amazing place!!!  My friend Bob and I explored the park with little time to spare, but enjoyed capturing photographs at a number of amazing

Wedding Bliss!!! 20 September 2014 Hernandez Wedding!

What a blessing to get to photograph couples as they enter into the sacred and holy state of matrimony.  This was a wonderful wedding filled with love, lots of joy, and all kinds of fun!  So very thankful that I had the opportunity to capture some very special moments during

Claremont Family Session!!! 29 November 2014

I had a blast with this giant sized family of all boys and one teenage girl!  The boys all wanted to play but dutifully came forward for their photographs and then ran off to have more fun!  What a blast!!!  Great fun at the Claremont Colleges!!!  

Rene and Maria’s New Home!

When Maria and Rene called and asked me to photograph the moments right after they received the key to their new home, I was both honored and excited!  What a cool opportunity to capture some of the happiest moments of this couple’s life.  Congratulations and Blessings Rene and Maria!!!  

Golden Gate

        I was so fortunate to catch the Golden Gate Bridge on a lovely day with the fog just starting to roll in from the coast.  Such a majestic and wonderful welcome to California for all those that sail beneath or drive across this span.  Outstanding!!!  

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