Claremont Night Photography Show…

For the month of June, my night photography is featured at “The Colony” @ Loft 204 in the Claremont Packing House!  I was so completely humbled to be asked to show there and for my very first public outing, I was also excited to feature my night work.  I truly enjoy the art and technical difficulty of shooting at night, capturing images that are filled with shadows and light using low ISO and long exposure techniques.  Here is a set of all the shots that are featured at my night show in Claremont.  Please stop by the loft and visit the pictures in person…it’s so very different to see them framed and hanging on the wall.  Last night was the artist reception and what a complete blast that was!  Please stop by for a visit!

The Colony @ Loft 204
532 West First Street, #204
Claremont in the Claremont Packing House!

Pacifica Hotel Fox 8x10

A Rose By Any Other Name Lincoln Downtown San Diego Flags Night Lincoln untitled shoot-034-2-Edit Vincent Thomas Bridge SF Street Car Bay Bridge Night Shoot 2014 GG Lights Queen Mary Gas Lamp 2 AM Washington Monument Ceasar's Vegas untitled shoot-042

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