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Desert Song… JCK

I don’t often get an evening where there are no events…no classes…no commitments.  Thursday night was one of those.  It was so fun to have an evening to create and chill. Many of you know that I play the Native American flute.  It’s not something that everybody does…in fact…very few.

Claremont Night Photography Show…

For the month of June, my night photography is featured at “The Colony” @ Loft 204 in the Claremont Packing House!  I was so completely humbled to be asked to show there and for my very first public outing, I was also excited to feature my night work.  I truly

Northern Arizona – Navajo Reservation Photo Expedition!

Have you ever been to a place so filled with beauty and amazing vistas that you can’t stop thinking about it over a month after you returned from that spot?  That’s how I feel each time I edit a few more photos from my trip to Northern Arizona and the

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