Desert Song… JCK

I don’t often get an evening where there are no events…no classes…no commitments.  Thursday night was one of those.  It was so fun to have an evening to create and chill.

Many of you know that I play the Native American flute.  It’s not something that everybody does…in fact…very few.  But I got hooked and really enjoy my times with my flutes.  It’s become something of a morning ritual, playing flute outside our house around dawn and spending some time with God…praying, playing music, and just starting the day in a peaceful way.  I am thankful for those moments (although there is some question about how the neighbors like greeting the morning with my flute playing!!!).

So tonight I tried my hand at some recording which was really fun since I’m not a Garage Band expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I had fun though and managed to create a short song that features one of my Navajo flutes…  Hoping you enjoy this brief few minutes of peace…  I have also coupled it with a photo of the place where I first heard and fell in love with Native American flutes…  Enjoy!

Slot Canyon Redeux 2.jpg


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