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Tori Boudoir Session

Recently I had the honor of getting to shoot a boudoir session with Tori, a young model who is finding significant success in her chosen profession! Within weeks of our shoot, she winged her way to Indonesia where she is working for about three months doing shoots and modeling sessions

Ashley Head Shot Session!

I have probably already said how much I love capturing head shots with the cool folks that I get to work with. Head shot sessions are more toned-down, close, and filled with conversation. While there is still direction, energy, and my obsession with getting the details right, it feels more

Lauren Headshot Session

It’s such a joy to work with a pro like Lauren… These images are from a headshot session that we worked on together…what a blast! She is fun and smart and she is successfully working in this crazy media industry!!! Well done dear friend!

Isabel Headshot Session

Isabel is sweet, funny, and great to work with. Her family is supporting her as she pursues some modeling and commercial work…she seems to have that look and desire even at her young age. I will be very glad to watch her career and hoping that I get the opportunity

Kaylea – Cal Poly Session

Kaylea was kind enough to work with my class one evening this spring at Cal Poly Pomona…  She graduated weeks after this shoot and is now a veterinary technician!  Her future is so bright and she she shines in front of the camera…  This class was an environmental portraiture session

Nevada Night Fun!

I know…the first thing you thought of was Vegas!!!  Lights, excitement, shows…but when I  think if Nevada and night, I think photography in interesting and amazing places.  Nelson, Nevada, is one of those spots.  An old mining town that has been opened up by a family for photography and history,

He Wanted Nothing To Do With Photography That Evening!!!

Several friends have told me that sometimes an infant session just isn’t going to work. No matter what. Really…truly…just isn’t going to work. On the particular evening when my daughter and I went to photograph this sweet one week old cutie, he decided it wasn’t time for pictures!!! Seriously cute…but

Lexie Senior Photographs!

I was so honored to get to photograph Lexie for her senior photographs. She is smart…driven…artistic…athletic…and just all around fun! She was amazingly comfortable in front of the camera and her personality really comes through in her senior shots. What a cool young woman with so much ahead of her!

More Lexie Senior Photos!

I was so honored to photograph Lexie as she navigates her senior year. College offers are already pouring in and I know the Lord has great plans for this lovely young woman! Outstanding!!!

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