Nevada Night Fun!

I know…the first thing you thought of was Vegas!!!  Lights, excitement, shows…but when I  think if Nevada and night, I think photography in interesting and amazing places.  Nelson, Nevada, is one of those spots.  An old mining town that has been opened up by a family for photography and history, it served as a way point along the mighty Colorado when steam boats plied the waters bring supplies and new explorers in search of precious metal and fortune… For this trip, I also visited Valley of Fire State Park, Dumont Dunes, and had a brief encounter with the Seven Magic Mountains south of Vegas near Interstate 15.  It was a great trip and I enjoyed getting to photograph in new places…seeing amazing vistas…and witnessing God’s creation in wonderful ways.

As always, this photos are available for purchase printed or digitally!  You can reach me through the contact me button and we can discuss exactly how you would like your photos finished and delivered!  Enjoy!!!  #SevenMagicMountains #NevadaArt

untitled shoot-037Nelson Garage!  I used long exposure techniques and some flashes strategically placed inside the car…along with two of my camp lights to provide a little ambient light inside the garage.  The mice were not happy with me!!!

untitled shoot-067Valley of Fire State Park – The Swirl…

untitled shoot-046Two of The Seven Magic Mountains…  #SevenMagicMountains #NevadaArt

Dumont 4 BWDumont Dunes Black and White

Dumont 3Dumont Dunes…

Valley of Fire Arch RockArch Rock, Valley of Fire State Park

Purple Wild FlowerHardy Wild Flowers in the Nevada Sun…

Texaco StarNelson Fuel…

ChevyChevy Tough…  Nelson, Nevada.

untitled shoot-016More Nevada Wildflowers…

untitled shoot-026This guy had just about succumbed to the hot sun…but was still lovely…

Dumont 2Dumont Dunes…

Yellow WildflowerWildflowers…

Dumont Dune Sand RidgeDumont Ridge…

untitled shoot-184The El Cortez in Downtown Las Vegas!


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