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Utah and Northern Arizona!

I had another opportunity to visit Utah and Northern Arizona recently and again was amazed by the vistas and grandeur of our land.  Bald Eagles, many deer, and a herd of Buffalo were in my view as I travelled and photographed the back country of some of the most beautiful

Utah’lking to Me!!!

I have spent a fair amount of time in Utah in the past and always walk away filled with a sense of being someplace special.  I have so enjoyed my times in Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks.  I have loved exploring the border area near Arizona, spending time in

Monument Valley, Arizona

Wow…  Just Wow…  My friend Bob and I worked with a Navajo guide to get to the truly difficult places where most people won’t bother to camp and go to get some amazing shots of Monument Valley.  What a magical and majestic place.  If you have every watched a John

Northern Arizona – Navajo Reservation Photo Expedition!

Have you ever been to a place so filled with beauty and amazing vistas that you can’t stop thinking about it over a month after you returned from that spot?  That’s how I feel each time I edit a few more photos from my trip to Northern Arizona and the

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