Utah’lking to Me!!!

I have spent a fair amount of time in Utah in the past and always walk away filled with a sense of being someplace special.  I have so enjoyed my times in Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks.  I have loved exploring the border area near Arizona, spending time in Monument Valley and camping on top of Hunts Mesa to get a morning look at the Mittens and other geologic wonders.  I have not spent time in the northeast corner of the state…until last weekend.

One of my nearly life long friends lives in Park City full time and has invited me for many years to come up and shoot the fall colors in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains.  It just so happened that I had a free weekend and the colors were peaking in Northern Utah and Western Wyoming.  I drove up after meetings on Thursday and was ready to shoot on Friday!  The region is mountainous, lovely, filled with Aspen groves booming in color, and tremendously photogenic.  Enjoy a few shots from my trip to Utah and Wyoming!


Remember that these photographs are available for purchase as mounted prints.  Contact me for more information on foam mount prints, framed fine art, or canvas prints of these photos!



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