Pasadena City Hall by Night

Pasadena City Hall is an incredible example of Spanish Gothic Architecture right at the west end of the San Gabriel Valley. The courtyard is decomposed granite and creates a lovely foreground for the great dome and wings of the building. I enjoy taking my night and landscape class to Pasadena City Hall as it gives lots of opportunities for interesting and wonderful shots filled with impact. This season is a favorite for me as I love shooting landscape at night and working with light and shadow after sunset. Please enjoy my images of Pasadena City Hall in both color and black and white (the structure becomes very timeless in black and white with the year becoming an after note to the history and heritage of the building…). City Hall was completed in December of 1927 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pasadena City Hall by night – John King © 2019
Pasadena City Hall by night in black and white – John King © 2019

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