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Joe Nathan – A voice so golden…

Joe is an incredible singer with velvety tones that make Lou Rawls just a little envious. Joe can sing a standard that will make you melt or belt out a gospel hymn that will force you to your feet. He is a gifted musician…but also an incredible father, husband, and

Megan M – My Incredible Artist Friend!

Megan is a high school teacher and artist. She is one of those very gifted people that has talent and gifts bubbling over and ready to share. She is also a martial arts practitioner and is completely at home on the mat working through Jiu Jitsu challenges. I was so

Gladys – Fitness and Dancing!

Gladys is an incredible athlete and dancer by night and caregiver by day. Her compassion and love of helping others is contagious. Her spirit and approach to life are inspiring. She is caring and hard working with a deep sense of commitment to raising her son in a way that

Burrowing Owls in SoCal!

My friend Bob and I had an opportunity to visit this family of Burrowing Owls here in Southern California…very close to the Ontario Airport! Interestingly, there are several open fields near the airport and these owls set-up residence very near a street in one of those open areas. We knew

Long Beach Sunset and Night Beauty!

I really enjoy taking my class to Long Beach for sunset and night shoots. The vistas are always incredible and the Long Beach of today is really nice with lots of restaurants and attractions to keep visitors coming. The sunset didn’t disappoint and the the ferris wheel at The Pike

Dodger Stadium Magic!

I was thinking about the upcoming baseball season with Spring training just around the corner. It’s an exciting time of year for our family as we hold the baseball season just a little sacred and enjoy the annual race for the fall classic. Last October, I took my night and

Bella Portraiture Shoot

I am always so thrilled when I get a chance to work with Bella – she is fun and confident and an incredible professional. Her business, @BunnyDayOff is booming and she has become quite an incredible entrepreneur! My class had a great time with Bella and I couldn’t be more

Katrina Fitness!

Katrina is an incredible mom, wife, nurse, personal trainer, and fitness competitor! I was so privileged to get to shoot a fitness session with her not long after her recent successful competition. She is fun, incredibly strong, and an inspiration to so many chasing fitness goals. Thank you Katrina for

Abbey – Spin Instructor Fun!

I had the opportunity recently to create (once again) some fantastic images with my friend Abbey! Abbey is lots of things…an incredible wife, an entrepreneur, a lover of dogs, and perhaps most notably…a spin instructor. Abbey helped to creatively keep the spin studio where she leads classes each week active

Alma – The Student – The Photographer!

Alma has been one of my phenomenal photography students. She has a great eye and ability to visualize images in her mind’s eye before she engages the tools of her camera to capture the scene before her. To learn more about what it feels like to work with people as

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