Abbey – Spin Instructor Fun!

I had the opportunity recently to create (once again) some fantastic images with my friend Abbey! Abbey is lots of things…an incredible wife, an entrepreneur, a lover of dogs, and perhaps most notably…a spin instructor. Abbey helped to creatively keep the spin studio where she leads classes each week active and safe during the pandemic by helping transition classes to an outdoor setting. She partnered to utilize a space at a local restaurant patio and implemented a “silent class” system so participants and the instructor used headphones to hear the encouragement of the spin instructor and the music as they rode while not bothering nearby neighbors. Genius…absolute genius…

The thing I absolutely enjoy the most about Abbey…aside from the fact that she is strong, capable, and a tremendous subject to work with…is her sense of humor. Abbey is incredibly funny and is able to make anybody feel comfortable around her with her dry humor…friendly manner…and quick wit. Having Abbey in front of your camera is as fun as it gets in the photography world… With that, enjoy some great shots of Abbey…spin instructor and so much more.

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