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Night and Sunset Photography Class

I am privileged to teach a night and sunset photography class for Tri-Community Adult Education through Covina Valley Unified School District.  Every other week I lead my class out into the field and we learn new techniques and practice long exposure photography.  It has been a complete blast and I

Saint George Goodness…

It seems that at the tail end of many trips, St. George, Utah is a stopping place before the final slog into Southern California.  Until a recent trip, I never got up early, and wandered the streets of St. George as I should have…and I’m glad I did this time.

2017 Road Trip! Tour of the Flyover States Part 2!!!

My wonderful bride and I took another road trip this summer to explore more of America, meet more of the people that make this country truly great, and see more of the splendor and backdrop that sets the state for our national heritage.  We again stayed off major interstates for

Anza Borrego – Beauty in the Small…

My friend Bob and I took a few days to visit Anza Borrego State Park not far from the Salton Sea in Southeastern California.  The wildflower bloom was amazing although the Sphinx Moth caterpillars were working their way through the fields with great haste.  The wind was fierce which made

Mobius Arch – Alabama Hills!

I ended my recent trip to Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra with a stop at Mobius Arch hoping for a spectacular sunset…which didn’t happen.  ; )  That being said, it was a lovely evening and the Arch was in full glory beneath a sometimes cloudy and sometimes starry sky…

Mono Lake Magic…

On my recent trip to the Eastern Sierra, I spent time at Mono Lake, hoping for a long awaited sunset or sunrise shot that would have clouds and color and really bring drama to the wonder of Mono Lake.  Mono lake is magical and lovely.  This time of year, Lee

Death Valley Charcoal Kilns

In the 1870s these amazing structures were built to support mines and smelting operations owned by George Hearst, father of William Randolph Hearst.  While they operated, the kilns creating charcoal for smelters roughly 25 miles away near the mines and only burned for about three years as the mines never

Utah’lking to Me!!!

I have spent a fair amount of time in Utah in the past and always walk away filled with a sense of being someplace special.  I have so enjoyed my times in Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks.  I have loved exploring the border area near Arizona, spending time in


It is late June of 2016 and my bride and I are still on our adventure across the Midwestern US…and loving every minute of our trip.  Last night, my cousin Eric, who lives in Nashville, offered to go on a night shoot with me in downtown Nashville!  I lept at


My wife and I are road-tripping through Kentucky right now.  I happened across this cathedral yesterday and had to get up early this morning and catch sunrise there…  Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral in Bardstown, Kentucky.  Enjoy!!!  

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