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Death Valley Charcoal Kilns

In the 1870s these amazing structures were built to support mines and smelting operations owned by George Hearst, father of William Randolph Hearst.  While they operated, the kilns creating charcoal for smelters roughly 25 miles away near the mines and only burned for about three years as the mines never

Utah’lking to Me!!!

I have spent a fair amount of time in Utah in the past and always walk away filled with a sense of being someplace special.  I have so enjoyed my times in Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks.  I have loved exploring the border area near Arizona, spending time in


It is late June of 2016 and my bride and I are still on our adventure across the Midwestern US…and loving every minute of our trip.  Last night, my cousin Eric, who lives in Nashville, offered to go on a night shoot with me in downtown Nashville!  I lept at


My wife and I are road-tripping through Kentucky right now.  I happened across this cathedral yesterday and had to get up early this morning and catch sunrise there…  Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral in Bardstown, Kentucky.  Enjoy!!!  

Nevada Night Fun!

I know…the first thing you thought of was Vegas!!!  Lights, excitement, shows…but when I  think if Nevada and night, I think photography in interesting and amazing places.  Nelson, Nevada, is one of those spots.  An old mining town that has been opened up by a family for photography and history,

The Road Less Traveled…

My friends probably all would say that I am most comfortable when I am, well, in the middle of nowhere!  The Robert Frost poem has special meaning for me as I agree with the concluding remark of Frost’s work…  “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made

Yosemite Firefall

There is something that is said in the whispers of the wind and the silence of places like Yosemite. That small voice roars restoration and lessons from the past. It is reflective and desperate. It is calming and thoughtful. Thank You Lord for another adventure to a place so grand

Monument Valley, Arizona

Wow…  Just Wow…  My friend Bob and I worked with a Navajo guide to get to the truly difficult places where most people won’t bother to camp and go to get some amazing shots of Monument Valley.  What a magical and majestic place.  If you have every watched a John

Newport Dawn Patrol

Recently, my photographer friend Bob Stiens and I ran down to The Wedge at Newport Beach for an early morning shoot.  I had checked surfline the night before and the prediction was for the entire coast to be flat…1 to 2 foot waves as far as the eye could see…but

Claremont Night Photography Show…

For the month of June, my night photography is featured at “The Colony” @ Loft 204 in the Claremont Packing House!  I was so completely humbled to be asked to show there and for my very first public outing, I was also excited to feature my night work.  I truly

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